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Exceed customer expectations

February 7, 2024

With brand perception defined at every touchpoint, building hyper-personal interactions is as important as the product or service.

Deliver customer service that is differentiated, proactive, and secure with communication APIs.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, 88% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services.1

Many industries, such as financial services, banking, and healthcare companies, are particularly challenged to deliver differentiated customer care due to the complexity and variety of the services and products they need to support.

Faced with this challenge, legacy contact center platforms and solutions don’t offer developers the flexibility nor the breath of tools they need.

That’s why leading companies now find API platforms to be the ideal solution. Communications APIs give your IT team access to the reliability and scalability of proven telephony and communications technology and the full range of features required to build the personalized interactions your customers demand today.

The freedom to create engaging, personalized customer care

The top priority for your automated interactions, of course, is that they satisfy customers’ needs completely and efficiently. But how they satisfy those needs is important, too. Do your solutions “speak” with your brand voice, and reflect the feeling you want people to have when interacting with your brand?

Your developers need the right tools to build those kinds of interactions. Many on-premise and even cloud-based “all-in-one” platforms, however, limit organizations to out-of-the-box features — many of which may be irrelevant or unnecessary. And other options may not be robust enough, forcing developers to “Frankenstein” solutions that can slow deployment, burden operations, and create risk.

API toolsets can give your developers the freedom they need. The right API offers features that:

  • Provide personalized inbound and outbound interactive voice response (IVR) functionality
  • Deliver verified interactive SMS messaging over toll-free and 10DLC phone numbers
  • Augment experience through dozens of available methods, parameters, and configurations
  • Enable solution designs that align with operational demands

With the right API, you can build an automated system — with greater flexibility , easier implementation, and faster deployment — that delivers world-class customer engagement. It also gives developers control over how they want to interoperate with other third-party systems such as CRMs, CCaaS, or even standalone conversational AI platforms, helping future-proof their tech stack so they can remain nimble and responsive to new demands.

The versatility to match marketing outreach to customer needs

Customers have never had higher expectations, especially in industries where their concerns are often the most elevated and the most complex. Meeting those expectations is paramount to differentiating your company from competitors.

So, it’s not enough for your automated voice and SMS solutions to handle inbound interactions with on-brand experiences. They also have to help you execute marketing outreach that is proactively timed to meet their needs.

The right API will give your developers the versatility to do just that, with features such as:

  • Onboarding messages
  • Promotional discounts
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Reactivation campaigns
  • Upsell and expansion messages
  • Customer loyalty campaigns
  • Inbound and outbound surveys

An API provides tools that help orchestrate these touchpoints and set an organization apart from its competition.

The engineering to provide availability, performance, and security

The worst way to fall short of customer expectations is for your system to go down.

An API with direct access to world-class telephony and communications engineering gives you carrier-grade capacity, fault tolerance, and reliability to make sure interactions keep customers satisfied 24/7/365.

It should also help you efficiently maintain the highest levels of compliance and security, with hosted services provided on client-dedicated secure intranets and data reduction to prevent PII exposure. The right API will offer features that are Level 1 PCI DSS certified and HIPAA-compliant, with data encrypted with TLS/HTTPS.

Need confidence in the availability, performance, and security of your CX platform? Choose the right API.

The right platform to realize world-class CX

You need the right API to build the personalized, on-brand interactions your customers want. For many organizations, FreeClimb has proven to be the right API.

FreeClimb API gives your developers the freedom, versatility, and reliability they need to create interactions personalized to customers’ unique needs and situations, with the flexibility to match your company’s changing needs. It delivers all the basic features they need to build superior voice and SMS interactions plus advanced tools — such as on demand AI-based speech-to-text transcription and bi-directional audio streaming and recording — which enable them build truly amazing experiences.

To learn more about FreeClimb API capabilities — and the ways they help make possible personalized brand experiences — download our free infographic. You’ll see how FreeClimb API can give your team the necessary tools to create the kinds of experiences you want your customers to associate with your brand.

1 Salesforce, Nearly 90% Of Buyers Say Experience a Company Provides Matters as Much as Products or Services, May 2022

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